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Is my landlord stalking me and helping my roommates bully/retaliate against me?

A few months ago, I complained to my landlord about my roommates bullying me (throwing things against the wall near my room, setting their dogs on me, breaking the doorknob off of my bedroom door, pooping on my bed, etc.). After, I complained about all of this, the cable was turned off and an appliance in the house stopped working. I told the landlord about this and he voiced that he was refusing to turn the cable back on and repair/replace the broken appliance, even though it s in the lease agreement that he would provide the cable and be responsible for repairs around the house. I told one of my roommates about this and she just backed him up insisting that everyone was misusing the things in the house and that he was tired of having to repair and replace things all the time. I asked a question on this site regarding whether I should demand that my rent be decreased since there s no longer any cable in the house and he s refusing to do anything about the broken appliance and an anonymous user posted a response telling me that my rent might be increased for asking the question that I asked and that I needed to either fix the appliance myself and get my own cable or move out. A few weeks later, (while I was at home alone engaging in some "self care") my landlord ruined the mood by sending me a text telling me that he was actually increasing my rent.

Could it be that the landlord is stalking me and retaliating against me for making complaints?

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    You have to be a fool to put up with that. I would have moved months ago.

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