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Why can’t I follow more people on Instagram (I have only a few hundred people I’m following)? Am I blocked? Is it because I was adding too?

Many people at once? When will I get unblocked if I am?

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    Instagram very likely has a limit to how many people one account can follow. The server computers do NOT have unlimited memory space. Probably the Cloud does not have unlimited memory space, but I don't understand HOW the Cloud works well enough to know if that assumption is true. ON YA you can block only 200 email accounts per email account. Yahoo set that limit 5or6 years ago and Verizon has not changed that.

    Instagram and Facebook are business partners. Instagram has its own limits. You might try reading Instagram's frequently asked questions or help pages and the terms of service contract. One of those may state what the limit is, ir maybe there is live chat with technical assistant. Verizon seems to be implying there is live chat help for Yahoo, but I don't know if that is true.

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