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Did you know that when conservatives say liberals are racist it proves conservatives as racist?


Essentially people on the right now believe liberals are racist because we call out them if they are saying racist things. So I guess if conservatives call liberals racists then the conservatives are the racist ones.

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    Yes, I DO know that. Accusing someone else of being something is a diversion tactic because the person making the accusation is projecting their identity and psychologically transferring their prejudices onto the other person to provoke and manipulate the other person's emotions. They are in denial, and don't realize they are discrediting and defaming themselves. When you point out their illogical thinking and hypocrisy, wait for the temper tantrum and explosion.

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    Liberals have dumbed down racism to the point it has no meaning or value. If a white political figure or white person disagrees with a "person of color", they are automatically considered racist. Even if the disagreement has nothing to do with racism.

    The white guilt and white privilege hysteria is dumb and elementary beyond kindergarten levels. To claim one person is privileged because the color of their skin is completely farcical and narcissistic. People embrace this mindset because sociological pseudo scientists espouse this garbage far and wide in schools and colleges. People that wake up thinking about it are usually consumed to the point that it interferes with their day to day life.

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