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i keep having dreams that i have a boyfriend?

every few nights or so i have been having dreams where i have a boyfriend and he’s so sweet and loving. i do have a boyfriend but he lives super far so it’s a long distance thing. i’ve always felt i care more about my boyfriend than he cares about me. i post pictures of him and always say nice things about him but he never does that. i’ve thought about breaking up with him because he’s not very trust worthy but i’m tired of being alone. i cant find a boyfriend in real life and it’s hard enough finding one online. lately my dreams have been better than reality and i don’t want to wake up. i am almost sick of these dreams because they make me sad after i’ve woken up. how can i stop having these dreams?

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  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    I've been lonely before too.

    Dreams can be you meeting sone one subconsciously or its a Vision pf the future.

    How long you been together?

    He's probably not faithful to you.

    Are you planning on meeting? If its been a year then forget it.

    Block him. Have guy friends on Facebook.

    You can try Christian mingles or just pray.

    Work is a great place to meet people too.

    You'll meet some one when you least expect it.

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