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What’s American high school like?

I’m writing a story based in a made up town, in America. The main character attends a made up high school. I myself am English, so I have no idea of the American high school atmosphere. I’ve done research, read lots of books and blog type things, but I guess I want to hear from an actual American what high school is like.

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    Every district is different let me start off with that. My school in elementary K-4 we went to one class most of the day there would be maybe ten teachers for every grade and you would get one. Each day of the week you would have specials periods where one day would be music/PE, art, library or science (deepening in grade), technology, and pe/music. For K-1 you had two recesses a day then one recess 2-4. All core courses where will one teacher. Then 5-6 I went to a upper elementary this was a bigger school. Elementary where North, South, East, and West. Upper was one in 5th grade you would have a pod and a homeroom teacher. There where about 5 classes a pod. We had one big group and we would switch between English, math, science, and social studies (English, and social studies was with the same teacher and was double blocked) we had the same idea with specials. The 6th grade you choose band, choir, or extra PE. Also had to take art, PE, and technology. We had the pods but did not stay

    Source(s): Continuities... with the same group all day. We switched between classes. Then Jr. High was 7-8th grade. We had what where called “teams” basically everyone on a certain team there was a teacher form each department on a team. Except elective teachers where not. You had two or three elective classes which were any non core classes. Then finally High School you can make your own schedule and request classes. There are many classes general ed and more advanced. It is where you can request classes and then hopefully you get them. Sometimes you don’t so you have to make back ups. In elementary school school started 9 ish and Upper-HS started around 8 AM. We had lockers from 6-12 grade. That’s the basics.
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    Perhaps ask specific questions,

    High schools vary greatly across the USA. The over whelming majority of kids go to public school. Many private schools are religious

    Public schools can be very large or quite small. Some have more facilities than others. Our HS has a student population of 2120. The largest HS in our district has 3000 students. Our HS has a two gyms, a weight room, two indoor tracks, one out door track, football field, 3 baseball fiends, 6 tennis courts, a theater, band room, orchestra room, choir room, cafe, tutoring center, library, auto shop and sewing /cooking lab classes.

    Students start classes before 8am. Many student do some kind of activity, club, organization, sport.

    Our school is on the block system, four classes each semester. One semester of algebra 1 counts as one year. Classes are almost 90 minutes. Not many US schools are on the block system. Or their block system can work differently. My kids loved it. Most students have 7/8 classes per day, We had a closed campus. Student stayed in for lunch.

    Atmosphere can be wildly different. From an inner city HS to a small HS out in farm country to a large HS in the burbs.

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  • 6 months ago

    US high school is a joke

    college is the new high school

    80-`100 percent of all students now to go college


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