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What penalty could I talk to your face if they know that a perfectly sane person is a victim of abuse, stalking, bullying, etc. and they?

Misdiagnose the victim as a schizophrenic or as mentally incompetent in order to protect the abuser and make it easier for them to continue abusing the victim without the abuse being detected by third parties instead of trying to help the victim?

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  • martin
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    6 months ago

    This is a criminal conspiracy between the mental health practitioner and the criminal doing the stalking and bullying, if it can be proven the two were acting together with the aim of doing harm to the victim. If proven, this could be the basis of a criminal prosecution and also a civil lawsuit for intentional infliction of mental and emotional distress.

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  • 6 months ago

    "What penalty could I talk to your face..." means what? You talking to me? YOU TALKING TO ME?

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