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Why isn't my fiance generous when my parents are around? He also doesn't help pay bills?

On more than one occasion, when we have been out or around my parents, he has not offered to pay for their dinner/lunch. When we were at the mall with my mom at the food court, he left and said he was going to another restaurant, however, he came back and got in line after us and didn't buy our food. Once out with my dad at a restaurant, he said he did not want to eat at the moment and I had to pay for my own food. Also, he voluntarily started staying with me and has not offered to pay one bill. When I brought this up and asked if he could at least pay the water and light bill, and he has yet to pay anything in the 3 months since I've brought it up. I am ready to end this relationship.

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  • 7 months ago

    How long have you two been together? How's that you two are engaged but yet haven't talked about finances?

    Why is there an expectation for paying for your family every time you go out?

    I think you need to have a long conversation with your fiance and if anything, put the relationship on brakes. All these are basic issues that could be solved with adult communication. You are ready to get married but yet don't communicate ? red red flag.

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  • Jim
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    7 months ago

    Dump his cheap self.

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