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Should I ask him for help or should I just practice?

OK so it was me and my friend and we were both at my house. She decided she wanted to invite this boy that she really really liked over to my house . I was down because my mom wasn’t going to be home so it was no problem but the guy she liked had a friend who also going to come and he asked if he comes over will i do something with me and I didn’t want to because he was a stranger I didn’t know him I’ve only seen him at school I’ve never talk to him ever. So I said maybe and I was a little scared so the next day they came and my friend and the boy she liked went to the room and it was me and the other guy immediately he was feeling up on me and I wasn’t into it I didn’t like it I tried to like set up a plan for my friend to act like my boyfriend but that didn’t work and he threw my phone and started kissing me and kissing me then he pushed me to like give them a ******* and after about 25 minutes of me sucking he did not climax and it made me feel really bad because I’m like that I will fail at something I should be able to do pleasure man. But I just wanna know should I Move On or should I ask him for practice so I can become better because that’s what he affecting

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    Firat of all he's an assho1e. You need to get some self respect and say NO when you dont want to do something. Your body is not meant for another mans pleasure. I'm a guy too and some of us are repulsed by how submissive some girls are even though its in their nature. Oral is okay only if the favor ia returned, in my opinion. Other wise if he has you go down on him but he won't do it for you, then thats just degrading.

    Avoid the boy from now on.

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    You are a teenager, it would seem , living with your parents? You are too young to be doing this at all. In addition to your clearly young age, your description of what happened reveals that you shouldn't be engaging in sex in the first place. Learn to say "NO!", even if you want to say yes, you'll have plenty of time for this in the future, if you don't get pregnant, contract an STD, or fall into an abusive relationship . STOP doing this, please ! Ask yourself, should I be doing anything that I KNOW I'd have to hide from my parents? The answer is clearly a big fat "NO !", Enough said, good luck and good wishes,

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    You cannot be good at something when what you are doing is not something that you want to do. Not every woman wants to put her mouth on a man's private parts, even if everyone is doing it. The truth is, it is unhygienic and degrading to a woman. But even if it's something that you are comfortable doing, then you will have no problem doing it right and giving a man pleasure if it is with a man that you actually like and you are doing it willingly. So, it's not practice that you need. What you need is to be true to yourself by not allowing yourself to participate in something that you are not comfortable doing. You will never be better at doing anything that you are not comfortable doing.

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    5 months ago

    girl, that thing is so unclear. how old are you, btw?

    cut that asshole off, if he pushed your head down and forced you to give him head against his will, that's wrong.

    where are all the sweet girls like you in my area? too bad you're not nearby.. or maybe you are. send me a message...i can give you my email, or msg me via an app. let me know what apps you use!

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  • 5 months ago

    You should have him arrested for sexual assault, because that's what happened if you're telling us the truth and not just trolling. I suspect that you're trolling however.

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      Why tf would I troll about something like this

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    OH girl comman !!! He was just at your place for sex

    You did not satisfy him because because you were scared and almost force to do it

    If it was me ;;I would hate this guy forever

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