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Ramadan section: I need help understanding the way the prophet treated one of his captives.?

half way to medina, ocba was called out to be executed. since the other prisoners were being held for ransom. acba ask mohammah why he was being treated more harshly than the other prisoners..the prophet said because of your enmity to allah and his prophet; and my little girl, cried ocba in bitterness, who will take care of her? hell fire mohammad responded, at that moment he was beheaded.. wretch that you were [mohaamd eulogized] you scoffed at me and claimed that your stories were better than mine. I give thanks that allah has slain you and comforted me.. so how many believe that it was wrong for the prophet of allah to murder this man because he told better stories than him?


please! post in Ramadan section and not hide else where!

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  • Mintee
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    6 months ago

    that whole story within itself is a lie.. there are untold lies that were said about MOhammed, that is not in his nature to do this.. even if there is a hair of truth in it, im sure it doesnt go like that.... dont beleive all the negative stuff you hear.. there were people even from Mohammeds time that would slander his name and tell the most outrageous stories against him to hurt his image..

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    • tom6 months agoReport

      google murders, robberies and rapes done by mohammad. google will post exactly what is in the quran and hadiths. learn about your so called prophet

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  • Kenzie
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    6 months ago

    Muhammad had an ego the size of the kaaba.

    He couldn't​ handle negative poetry either.

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