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My habit of massing my ears is getting out of control! How do I stop?

Since I was about 8 years old I would tug and twist my right ear until it got swollen. I stopped when I was 10 and just 2 years ago I started again and it’s gotten HORRIBLE!!! My right earlobe is huge compared to my left one and I flick, twist, squeeze, and scratch it so much, it’s flaky and dark but I can’t stop touching it because it feels so good. It’s gotten to the point where I even bribe my little siblings to play with my ear. Does anyone else have this problem or can you tell me how to stop.

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  • martin
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    6 months ago

    This is a matter of willpower. You have to hate what you are doing enough to withstand the ticklish sensation of denial. It's self-discipline. If you succeed, you should be proud of yourself.

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