Broken 3.5mm Headphone Port?

The 3.5mm headphone port on my phone is damaged, doesn't distribute audio to the left headphone. Any workaround or app that can take right audio and distribute it to the left via the headset itself?

OS is Android 6.0.1


*Definitely not a broken wire issue, have checked with multiple headsets

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  • 5 months ago
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    No. The wiring in the headphones for each ear is separate from the other. There's nothing that can be done inside the phone if the connection in the headphone jack is broken.

    When listening to music, you may be missing anything (like solos or vocals) hat is panned left in the mix. If you can find a way to play in 'mono' format, you can at least hear everything in your right ear. Other than that, you have 2 options. The obvious is to get the jack replaced, and the other is to use Bluetooth headphones. The wireless Bluetooth connection will bypass the broken jack.

  • 5 months ago


    Have it repaired by a qualified professional.

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