How do I stop sounding so nervous when I talk to people at work? My voice is so shaky.?

I'm an intern and it always feel like everyone around me thinks I'm a dumdass because I've ****** up a few times in the beginning. I'm working in an the marketing department or an organization that recently had their financial analyst leave so as an intern I am helping out this department with their finances. Every time I talk to anyone about anything, my voice is super shaky and nervous and you can hear it in my voice. It won't even be at a presentation, it happens even when someone is talking to me about something work related. Sooo embarrassing. I'm normally not like this at parties or meeting new people and I was quite a sociable person in university. How do I stop sounding so nervous & stop my voice from shaking? Should I go to a therapist? It's embarrassing enough that I don't know anything, but the fact that other people can hear I'm so nervous and can hear my voice shaking makes it 100 times worse.

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  • 6 months ago

    Your voice will settle, just try your best thanks.


    Very Best Wishes


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  • Yoda
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    6 months ago

    Why are you nervous?

    Sounds like you talk like this when you get nervous?

    F'ing up is not fun but normal for new starters. Maybe they make you nervous because of how they are to you.

    I hope you either start liking working there or leave for something better.

  • 6 months ago

    Try doing some anxiety-relieving practices throughout the workday, so you are more calm during the day at work and will have better conversations with people during your shift. Try easy things you can do during any time of the day, or during a free moment of time: simple breathing exercises (breathe in for eight, hold for four, breathe out for eight, repeat up to ten times), a relaxing image on your phone (there are anxiety-relieving apps or images you can quickly look at for a few moments). Or, before work, you can try doing breathing exercises or something that relaxes you (in the car or when you wake up). The nerves probably come from a sense of anxiety around professionals, which is super common. Try to remember that, although the people are professionals, they are JUST people and will treat you with respect as long as you do the same!

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