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How to meet people? Where, how? Please read, please help.?

I have a severe issue. That is, outside of work, I don’t have a life. I know... nobody. No friends, no romance... just a nice size bank account that goes towards nonsense that doesn’t make me happy. I am very very shy, however I do a damn good job at hiding it. But I never seem to progress relationships with coworkers into friendships, etc. i would love to get out more, and go clubbing but I have nobody to go with. My parents isolated me from every family member leaving me empty. I do great at work, always seem to be the first to get promoted, and really excel in that area.. but we can all agree that that’s only great for the 1/3rd of my life being spent there. I want more than that. Is there a reason I’m so shy? I wish I could say to someone “why don’t we go out for coffee sometime?” Without feeling weird or stupid for it.

My social skills are horrible but on the outside I appear totally normal. I can easily chat up a cashier or talk to a colleague with a

big smile, but that’s not cutting anymore. I’m so lonely all the time, I see people who are attractive and wish I could go up & say hello. I’ve NEVER done that, in my whole life. Back in school, there was a girl I really had my eye on. She gave me all the choosing signals I needed, & I was great friends with her brother who told me she liked me. what did I do? NOTHING. waited around like a scared little kitten.

So here’s the question: Where can I meet people? How do improve my social skills? Details appreciated

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  • 6 months ago

    You can go to a church.You'll meet people.

    Also see a professional about your anxiety issue.

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  • Yoda
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    6 months ago

    Some people are just talented at things and not at other things.

    You've just got to work on your weaknesses. I think the book: How to Succeed with Women... This is probably your best bet as it has a good basic understanding about relationship psychology and how to develop practical skills.

    Nobody cares about how good you are at your job btw; rather, it is weather you have a passion for it and love being there that counts.

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  • 6 months ago

    Lead a double life. The second you put on all rock n roll clothes including black wrist cuffs you feel empowered

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  • 6 months ago

    One of our daughters uses the Bumble BFF app - she has met several nice people that way.

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