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Help with self esteem?

So I've suffered from awful anxiety and panic attacks for years..I have awful.self esteem and think everyone hates me and have pushed friends away by making excuses not to go out. My question is can this effect evrything in my life. Of I think I'm being happy, do.i come across as sad? And if I start thinking positively, will things change?

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    You have to get professional help.

    See a therapist or a psychologist.

    Nothing else will work.

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    The video is the best short answer for the question of self-esteem I know of.

    Youtube thumbnail

    This answer has panic and anxiety advice.

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    Self esteem is a gift that you give yourself. Nobody else can do it for you. It's not just thinking positively it is about going out into the real world and DOING something. Anything. Self esteem comes from doing stuff and then feeling good about having done stuff, which leads to the feeling of confidence that you can do more stuff.

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