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What are the chances of really contracting hiv? Is it really hard to get it?

So my anxiety is at an all time high for about four weeks now. And I didn’t know I had anxiety until I looked it up! But I guess it makes sense because I freak out over things that are ridiculous but I can’t help it. The situation is, I had unprotected sex with a guy who rubbed me the wrong way. I asked him if he had anything but he said no. All I’m thinking is people lie so I’ve been doubting that. But over the past four weeks I’ve been freaking myself out and I believe I’ve been making myself sick. I’ve been having an ongoing headache, lower back pains, lymph node is bigger on right side under jaw(don’t know if it’s swollen) it’s just too much to be thinking about all day constantly. I’ve cut myself from the world , just going to work and that’s it. I’m getting testing tomorrow morning just to ease my mind and hopefully will calm me down but I’m just so nervous at what the results might be.

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    you don't have HIV

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