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Questions for those who had appendicitis?


For those of you who have had appendicitis, did any of you get it without the pain starting around the belly button? Also, have any of you still been able to burp but can't pass gas the other way?

Been feeling pain if I made certain movements and it would be in the lower right flank area, and it is starting to become a bit more constant. I tried taking ibuprofen and almost immediately after I became queasy. I wanna make sure it isn't actually appendicitis. So I'm curious if any of you have had uncommon symptoms.

Thank you

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  • 6 months ago

    Ibuprofen is the last thing you should take. It will cause you trouble in your stomach and can lead to bleeding and other problems. You really need to see a doctor or go to the emergency room because it sounds like you have a problem even if it is not appendicitis

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  • 6 months ago

    Symptoms vary widely between different patients, according to the degree of infection, the length of the vermiform appendix, which exact position it’s lying in, and the pain tolerance of the sufferer. That’s not an exhaustive list.

    My symptoms were almost totally different to those of my youngest brother. Mine had zilch to do with my belly button and I was able to vomit, burp, crap and fart. At one point, at least three of those at the same time.

    Appendicitis isn’t for DIY diagnosis. The consequences of calling it wrong can be fatal. If you suspect appendicitis then get emergency medical attention in order to get a correct diagnosis.

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