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Apartment renting?

I’m pregnant and took maternity leave a month ago, my mom was going to be my co signer for her source of income until I go back to work. Is this possible, not currently having a job but having a co-signer to ensure your rent is paid?

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  • 6 months ago

    NO a landlord will not typically rent to you with no income. You cannot use a cosigner in place of income. You could use a cosigner if you have income but it is not enough to qualify. And that is still only if the landlord allows it. If mom is in low income housing she is not likely to have the income or credit score required to be a cosigner.

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  • 6 months ago

    That is up to the LL.

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  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    I doubt it without any income.

    As your added comment : your mother lives in low income housing so she wouldn't meet the criteria to be your co signer.

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  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    Most are not going to rent to you without income. Live at home until you get a job.

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  • 6 months ago

    NOTE: YES YOU CAN USE A COSIGNER IN PLACE OF INCOME, BUT ONLY IF THAT CO SIGNER HAS ENOUGH INCOME TO PAY ALL OF YOUR EXPENSES.....but to qualify for low income housing, you typically need your own income...

    if your mom has enough income to cover her and your expenses, yes (she would need to be earning at least 3x both her and your housing. if each of your housing is $1000/month, she would need to be earning $6000/month).

    have you worked out a budget to see if you can even afford it once you go back to work? cheap child care is about $1000/month.

    what about the baby daddy?

    for NON DEADBEATS, child care is at least 1000 failed to mention TAXPAYERS will be supporting your kid...

    REALLY? why can't you just stay with your mom.....why do you need TAXPAYERS to support you (btw taxpayers are willing to pay for BIRTH CONTROL)

    why isn't the baby daddy paying the rent? the 2 of you working should not need to mooch off different shifts so one can watch the kid while the other works..maybe only need a couple hours child care per day for the over lap.....

    what is with the sense of entitlement.

    welfare programs were meant for people who TRIED to be self sufficient, not people who feel entitled to be deadbeats..

    are you unaware that the US is TRILLIONS in debt because of nonsense like yours? China practically owns us....and when we become chinese citizens, these hand out will cease to exists.

    AND HELLO>>>>>>>THINK ABOUT IT...if mom is in LOW INCOME HOUSING, how the F(*& is she going to guarantee YOUR RENT?????


    its not like you need your own bedroom to procreate you can't even support this one on your own...

    CHILD CARE IS STILL at least $1000/month....just because you are not paying your expenses doesn't make it less......

    based on your profile, you are about 19.....with no career skills....

    not to mention low INCOME housing requires YOU to have INCOME

    Source(s): I am disabled and can't afford a kid...and guess what..I made sure I could note get prego with a kid I could not support..
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    • R P
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      6 months agoReport

      Aisha, get it thru your head .... the TAXPAYERS are paying the balance for your child care and rent. You and your baby daddy should get off your entitled asses and WORK to support yourselves.

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