San asked in Social ScienceSociology · 5 months ago

Why are people so judgemental?

I don't know why people are so judgemental. Since 2013 I have battled through college in the UK. I am now 26. I have never worked but i have fought through so many issues. My grandfather is had health issues, suffered two strokes, had Parkinson's. My father had an affair and has treated me like ****. I have been bullied as well, I have had ex friends who have bitten me, taken my glasses off my face.

It hasn't been easy but just because i have taken it slower in life people are judgemental. When will people stop being like that. Who cares how long it takes. In 10 years time I know where i want to be, I want to have finished uni, had a good job, working and living abroad.

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