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Why do people treat 9/11 like it was the biggest tragedy in the world?

I understand it was a terrible event. But terrible things happen all the time. People dying. People get sick. Wars happen. All these things happen. 9/11 is just another bad thing that has happened in the world. It's not something that has something particular about it. World War 1 and World War 2 were much worse than it. But people don't seem to look back at that as being as bad. I mean, people are so very extremely sensitive on 9/11. But don't appear to be as sensitive on World War 1 or World War 2. Why is this?

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    I'd say because it's within the lifetime of the majority alive. Most of us didn't experience WWII, many of us didn't experience Vietnam. We have no emotional connection. 9/11 has an emotional connection, especially since America has been a more depressed society since 9/11 happened. This all makes the tragedy of 9/11 a marketable subject for the media.

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    No white southerners died on 9/11 so it wasn't a tragedy actually.

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    Who's the people doing that? I dont see it.

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