Where do i go after call center work?

Just left my cruise ship job due to a now healed injury

Just want to ask what industries does it branch to.

I want to be a translator and currently studying japanese but im keeping my options open in the job market for any positions i might jump to

About me:

I suck at sales work( no one taught me, introvert)

Im good at computers, coordinating people,

Havent taken the jlpt but i already registered for n5( just got started)

Im an efficient worker and can get along with most people but im not very open at work mostly professional.

2 Answers

  • 6 months ago

    How good is your English? They are always looking for young English teachers in Japan...but you probably need a degree.

    Did you work on a cruise ship or in a call center...or both? What skills did you have or gain with either job?

    • Marvin6 months agoReport

      i worked in the buffet restaurant on the cruise ship, im a hospitality major thats been trying to switch industries after seeing the kind of work environment they have. Never worked in a call center but my english is good enough to get into one. No teaching experience but people recommend it a lot

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  • 6 months ago

    First of all, take some pride in how you present yourself. You're not stupid, but the laziness in your writing makes it look like you're illiterate.

    • Marvin6 months agoReport

      Not answering the main question makes you look more illiterate

      Im asking what industries the bpo industry branches out to not your personal opinion of me

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