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How do I overcome laziness/immaturity?

So, I'm in my early 20s, and I'm unemployed and not attending college. I graduated high school a few years ago (with mostly Cs), and I turned down college and refused employment (I tried volunteering at a few places, but never lasted long at any of them). The reason for all this is because I hate having to "adult." I am a huge Disney addict and spend hours watching their cartoons/movies and listening to music. I understand being like a kid all the time isn't going to benefit and I would like to change this. I have a friend who is the opposite of me, he is a workaholic and has been very successful in life. He'll do things that seem difficult/unpleasant, has several degrees, and is traveling the world (he's also a big Disney fan and is working with them). He says he can never stop working. I'm very jealous of him and wish I had his strong motivation to work. My friend also has a childlike personality but will get serious when he has to. Whenever I try to adult, I rage! I have such a hard time getting off the screens, taking my mind off Disney/cartoons, and doing serious adult work, but I understand we often have to act like adults in order to be successful in life. I'm terrible at doing that! I don't even brush or floss my teeth every day, I haven't clipped my toenails in so long, and I know that really needs to change! I want to be a responsible workaholic just like my friend, but don't know how to start. How do I change?


More info: I love my childlike personality and refuse to give it up completely. As I said, my friend is also very childish, but he has no problem going into adult mode. I struggle to be like an adult, I hate it so much, but I want that to change so that I can be more successful in life just like my friend.

Update 2:

@Jeff S - Thanks, I'll look into that.

@Susie - Nope, I'm in my early 20s (I won't say my exact age though).

@THE BANNIBAL ONE - Right. That's what I WANT to do. However, my immature mind makes it extremely difficult to work. I tend to get very angry and upset when I can't be a kid. This question is asking how I can switch my mind from being like a kid all the time to adulting and being more responsible.

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    Start to think about where you'll be when you're myage(55)! Maturity like respect is earned rather than given. That's the problem with today's younger generation.

    My advice is to take a couple classes at a community college to figure out what you like to do. Meet and socialize with people.

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    Unless you're born into a wealthy family,

    you will need to work for a living.

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