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How long does it take staph to heal in the nose and scalp with Anti-B ointment 3xday?

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    It's difficult to provide a exact period for your infection! Since many factors are involved, like age, ability to fight off infections, any medical conditions you are dealing with. Staph infections vary depending an areas it attacks.

    Boils" incubation 4-10 days after they appear its like 1-3 weeks then they subside if open and drained less time frame.

    Skin abscess" Theses are similar to boils, incubation 4-10 days once the abscess is fully growen1-3 weeks it disappears on its own.

    SSSS' Once the bacteria infects the skin its quick with a fever and skin irritability1-2 days later the skin develops red spots with fluid-filled blisters. With treatment immediately the rash and blisters often disappear with in 3-7 days.

    No matter the time frame do take this seriously! Treatments ''

    Source(s): nurse
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