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Have you seen an artist who has won best in art shows where you don't care for their art work?

I've seen a lady who has won several contest; however, I don't know why. I know I couldn't do something as good, but I haven't majored in art for many years like she has. I don't understand how she could win these contest. I guess it's my taste in art; I wouldn't buy any of these.

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    Art is to a high degree subjective. Me? I don't get Pollock, but I do get Picasso.

    An in-law once gave us a painting she had seen in an art gallery and that she absolutely loved and thought would be just right for our living room. I believe it set her back quite a bit. Unfortunately we don't like it at all. It now hangs in our guest room, so she can enjoy it whenever she visits. :)

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