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Need some help with gym and diet related things to put weight on!?

Ok so I have a lot of questions but they’re all related so I might as well ask them all in one hoping there’s a personal trainer on here to help me lol. Ok so about a year or 2 ago, I was at my worst with anxiety and lost a lot of weight which wasn’t good because I’m already thin and always have had a fast metabolism. But recently (about 6 months ago) I started to go to the gym and drink protein and trying to eat a lot more to put the weight back on through muscle mass. I’m which for the first few weeks I noticed drastic changes. But now I’ve sort of hit a brick wall with it and seem to be maintaining the same weight again like I was before. I’m female, 19 and only about 91 pounds so I do have a small frame. I’m just wondering like how many days a week should I go to the gym? I got told 3/4 days a week so I’ve been doing a day and then missing a day. I just don’t want to exhaust myself. And how long I should be in there each time? How many sets and reps? I’m assuming it would be more weight and less reps? I have no idea lol also how many protein shakes I should have a day? Should I even be drinking them everyday? At the moment I have the extreme gainer blend from my protein. I pretty much need help with everything but I’m new to this and haven’t got the best idea what to do. Anything would be good just to put some weight on! Thank you!!

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  • Julien
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    5 months ago

    You should look at the total weekly volume rather than the number of training days. Splitting the volume on more days is usually a good idea, but it's really the volume the most important. And a good rule of thumb for amateur gym-goers would be around 10 (hard) sets for each muscular group every week (an elite athlete would have to find the sweet spot for an optimal training, which is usually between 10 and 20, but the gain between 10 and that optimal point is very small). A bit less for big muscles (e.g. quadriceps) and a bit more for small muscles (e.g. shoulders).

    For instance 8 squats + 8 deadlift + 10 calf raises + 10 benchpress + 10 pull-ups + 5 face-pull + 5 overhead press + 5 biceps curl would be a decent program for somebody who wants to keep things relatively simple. Plus the abs.

    And actually small women can usually handle a bit more volume than big dudes as well.

    Protein shakes are not compulsory, focus on what you eat first, and only use the supplement as supplements, if you find it difficult to reach your nutritional goals with solid food only.

    Weight gainers are bullsh*t to steal money from naive teenagers, essentially everybody agrees on that. Even the worst of the junk food is likely to be better than that.

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    3-4 days is about right if you can. Without putting you in machines and all kinds of needles and such it's an inexact science to know what your schedule should be. One tell I find accurate is your desire level. If you're bouncing off the walls and thinking about what to workout in what order all day, go. If you're dreading it and can barely get out of bed, don't.

    As for routine, let me tell you, the girl with the butt you want does an inverse hack squat squat with 360 pounds. Trust me, I was creeping on her. Most girls make the mistake of going way too light. They squat 15lbs and then support their husband in bed giving them 15% of his body weight in that position, um, 79lbs.

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