Looks like the battle for Manbij, Syria is about to take place. Where is the media?

If I were in the news business I would find this build up of forces interesting. But I haven't heard a thing from them. This battle will be for control of the western side of the Euphrates river region in northern Syria.


Does any of this make a difference to you?


Justin Thyme,

I realize that, and I think you are stating a truth, as if standing on Neptune looking at the earth from there. The closer look would show that the Kurds have been wanting land in the Middle East to call home, Turkey seems to want to fight both the Kurds and the Syrian army at the same time. If this escalates, the USA may be drawn in.

So I think it's more important than constantly reporting on the Mueller report for now.

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    6 months ago

    President Trump has said that the US is finished with Syria. Besides that, Russia is handling the Syria situation. There's other things that the media is following right now.

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  • 6 months ago

    Those people have been fighting each other for thousands of years.

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