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Why won’t my rabbit sleep in her hideaways?

i have a baby rabbit and she’s almost 3 months old. I’ve ordered three hideaway houses and she won’t sleep in any of them. one of them is a very large blue strawberry house, the other is called a self cooling cave that i ordered from amazon and the last one i ordered from etsy and it was a donut hideaway. all three of the hideaways have enough room for her to stand up completely and more than enough room for her to stretch out. they were about 25$ a piece so i’d really love for her to use at least one of them. and they’re so cute i dont want them to just sit in her pen and go unused. most importantly i would like for her to actually lay in something so she feels more safe.

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    My rabbits' favorite hideaways have been a plain cardboard box with a couple of doorways cut out. I cut out openings on opposite sides of the box.

    You can see such a box in the photo along with a cardboard play tunnel.

    If your girl doesn't like (or feel the need) to lay in a one-entrance hideaway, then just be glad that she doesn't try to hide all day. I would think that would be more disappointing for her to be constantly hiding.

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    I've owned and fostered probably hundreds of rabbits over the years. I have NEVER had a rabbit want to sleep in a "hideaway" or any enclosed small space. As prey animals, their instincts prompt them to be prepared to flee at all times if threatened, and to avoid being cornered in places they can't escape. They don't feel safe when boxed in. Some will use tunnels and etc during play, but generally always things with at least two escape routes.

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