Why do libraries have movies and CDs?

My kid brother uses the library a lot. I haven't been since I was a kid. On Friday, they were doing work on his apartment and he needed to renew a library book so he asked if he could borrow my computer at my place. Apparently you can renew books online.

He left the screen open when he was done. So I figure if you use my computer and don't bother closing out the screen you were on, then it was okay for me to see what he was doing.

So I clicked his borrowing history.

Since January 2, he has checked out a total of 21 books and...get this... 4 CDs and 17 DVDs.

Here are the list of DVDs he's checked out

1. Downtown Abbey, Season 4, disk 2

2. Downtown Abbey, Season 4 disk 3

3. We are Mashall

4. A Quiet Place

5. Downtown Abbey Season 5, Disk 1

6. Zombieland

7. Gaither Homecoming Nashville

8. Great Courses The History of English, Disk 1

9. Gaither Homecoming England

10. Jaws

11. Shadowlands

12. Great Courses:The History of English, Disk 2

13:. American Sign Language Basics, Disk 1

14. Sean of the Dead

15. True Grit

16. Murder on the Orient Express

17. Damn Yankees: 2007 Broadway Revival

Most of those are just regular movies. Two are music concerts.

So why is my tax money being spent so people can watch Jaws or True Grit or We are Marshall?

2 Answers

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    I semi agree. They should have DVDs, but only true ones!

    Even the Bible has the Commandment "Not to read fiction".

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  • 6 months ago

    Libraries rent media that people are interested in. Generally, the late fees for such media are much higher (where I am, new release DVDs are a 1 day loan with a $2 per day late fee) which means they actually make more money on these because people often bring them back late.

    Carrying popular media means more people are using the library. Where I live, you can also borrow e-books, magazines, puzzles, board games and video games.

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