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Food poisoning but just diarrhea?

I went to a water park yesterday that my job paid for so my company was their along with another company and then regular guests

Lunch for the companies was provided they gave us plain burgers im not sure if they cooked them themselves they didn't taste grilled

But I was fine at the water park but about 5 1/2-6 hours after eating it luckily i was already home I got diarrhea 🤷

My sibling also had a burger but I dont live with them so im not sure if they are having the same problem

I'm not sure if i have a fever and i haven't vomited or felt nauseas except for when it started I felt very light headed and loopy

Does this sound like some food poisoning? Or something else? I don't typically go to water parks all willy nilly

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  • 6 months ago

    Or something in the water. Or some other virus. In any event, it should just go away on its own.

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  • Dze
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    6 months ago

    pretty much .. just roll with it unless it lasts more than a day its not serious ..

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