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Should I change driving instructors?

I suffer from Autism and ADHD - so I really struggle with observations, following road signs (I don’t notice them), I get very anxious at roundabouts because I never know when to go (cos I can’t tell which lane they’re in), and I learn Manoeuvres but they just don’t stick in my head and my instructor has done all of the below;



Nudged me on the arm while I’m driving

Slammed the car door shut on several occasions

Messed about on his phone while teaching and does this constantly on every lesson

late on 3 separate occasions out of the 4 lessons we’ve had so far

He had other pupils in the car while directing me to drive them home

He told me to sit in the back seat and have another pupil drive me back home

He kept telling me I was “******* things up” all the time

He kept telling me I would end up killing myself or running pedestrians over and acting as if I was trying to do that on purpose! (I was not!)

He was very patronising and acting as if I was making mistakes on purpose, very negative and instead of guiding me through my mistakes he kept blaming me for them.

There is basically nothing positive I can say about this guy - my confidence has ******* plummeted and I’m supposed to be taking my test in 3 days but I don’t feel like I will ever be able to pass my test and drive safely.

while I feel like my driving is improving, his attitude is just getting worse - but I feel like I’m stuck with him now.

What shall I do with my test being so close?

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    There are driving inztructorz/ zchool fot the challenged.

    You might go with a truzted friend to the countryzide too,

    to get confidence at the wheel fit with lezz external input before tacking the

    roadz which a zpecialized inztructor would azzizt you to manage.

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  • audrey
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    7 months ago

    Well, I know what you shouldn't do. That's drive! You need a lot more lessons before I want to meet you on the road.

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  • Anonymous
    7 months ago

    The whole thing is you shouldn't be driving.

    There are lives at risk.

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  • keerok
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    7 months ago

    The driving instructor may be harsh on you but the real world would be worse if ever. If what you say is true, then you shouldn't be driving.

    • rc2406927 months agoReport

      If that was the case nobody with Autism would be on the road but they are!

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