What is the alternator shortcircuit current compared to max load current?


Here is an old paper on alternator short circuit, interestingly it claims short circuit current will be less than max load current if i understood correctly.


Update 2:

It actually says instant short current is about 3x max load current and then falls down to some lower value.

Update 3:

As explained above the armature current rises to a value giben by the e.m.f. generated by the full field flux, while the field current rises to many times its normal value, gradually the field flux decreases, and with it, decrease the field current and armature current, at a rate depending on the resistance and inductance of the field exciting circuit.

Update 4:

The decrease in value of field flux will be the more rapid the higher the resistance of the field circuit; the slower. the higher the inductance. The value of the current upon short circuiting an alternator depends also on the position of the current wave that the circuit is closed.

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    Short circuit current = E / alternator internal resistance

    Max load current is the max output able to provide safely and output voltage able to maintain commonly not less than 95% from its rated name plate voltage .

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