Mike M asked in SportsCycling · 6 months ago

Canyon road bikes, anyone got experience?


Canyon road bikes any good anyone with experience of buying from them?

I'm looking at this one, any comments in particular from anyone who owns this bike::



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  • 6 months ago

    Canyon makes great bikes, however the bike you are looking at has very limited appeal. Most road riders looking at high end bikes are not looking at flat bar bikes like that one. Riding it would put you in the same position as someone riding a drop bar bike without the option of having multiple hand positions. This could be uncomfortable on longer rides. If you never plan on doing rides of more than say, 50 km, this bike would be great. However, if you wish to graduate to longer and longer rides, drop bars are the way to go,

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  • 6 months ago

    There's very few of us who answer questions here on a regular basis. So the chances of someone owning that exact bike are about a million to one. But the specs look extraordinarily good. It's also a hell-of-a-lot of money for a "fitness" or hybrid bike.

    Now the question comes...can you actually TEST RIDE the bike at a nearby bike shop? Or is this an internet sale? Internet sales are only for those that know precisely what they NEED and want. A) If you can't test ride it before the sale, are you 100% sure the frame size you choose will be correct. Frame sizing is NOT universal from one company to the next. B) With a bike shop, you get a FREE 'after-the-sale' service warranty good towards a tune-up as the bike gets settled in. C) No bike comes out of the box 'ready to ride'. I don't care how much it may cost. Spoke tension on the wheels may have to be adjusted. Derailleurs may need to be tweaked. And God forbid if that box gets inadvertently flipped upside down during shipment. Now there's a good chance of an air bubble getting into that hydraulic brake system. The brakes will need to be bled & readjusted. Get my point? 🤔

    If you can pick it up from a LBS (local bike shop) after a TEST RIDE...go for it. If not, I'd shy away.

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