Computer I-3 processor at 2.3 ghz DDR4 Ram, or I-5 processor at 2.4 ghz, turbo 2.8, but ddr3 Ram? More in details.?


Well my gf who is bipolar bashed my computer while I was sleeping, fun times. However, I looked at Mac pros used for $500 and passed. My plan is to grab a 1 TB HDD drive and place in a Samsung 1TB SSD, it only costs $130

So, computer choices...

At $325, an HP ENVY, 2017, so the person claims 2017. Anyway, an I-5 processor 2.4 GHZ, turbos to a 2.8 ghz. Has 8 GB of ram, but it's a DDR3. 1 TB HDD hard drive.

- Back story, I met him, he said it was DDR4, but it is a DDR3, I found the processor online and then checked his CPU. It's a I-5 6200. The computer is an HP Envy x360 m6 convertible, for those who google search ( I do to ). Basically it flips into a tablet. The speakers are B & 0 speakers?? The speakers are at the bottom of the computer. It looks to be in good condition, he replaced the HDD though, and so when I tested the windows 10 game recorder...Window+G button, it said it didn't have the hardware. So I told him, maybe he should install the drivers from HP website. His graphic card was not being detected, probably do to his install of a new HDD hard drive. Anyway, the graphics are intel 520.

Computer 2. HP Pavillion. Asking $275 or best offer.Claims it's 2017. Again, this flips into a tablet, it's the pavilion 360. I-3 processor 6100. 2.3 GHZ, have no idea about turbo speed...I cannot find it at all online. Has 8gb of ram, but it's DDR4. It has a 1 TB HDD hard drive. Graphics IDK.


. I study Health science, not a Computer guy, but this event made me learn about computers and specs I never thought of.

Does DDR3 Beat DDR4 by a lot? Say if you have 16gb ddrs vs 8gb DDR4?

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  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    Sir, I must inform you that you are NOT asking a question. There is absolutely NO reason to clump all the information here.

    DDR3 is NOT faster than DDR4.

    Before anyone can actually answer your question, what's your intended use? If it's just for work, any decent laptops with a decent processor with at least 8 GB of RAM will be enough for work loads.

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