Mac Error: Folder with question mark Icon?

I have just recently got a new drive I formatted Hard disk drive and safely backed everything onto a flash drive.

I am creating a bootable USB drive now for mac due to I do not currently have the installation disk at the moment. Is this error caused by misplacement of the hard drive, The operating system not being able to detect a connection with the hard drive or even maybe worse both? Help Me. Please and Thank You!!

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  • 6 months ago
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    That error usually means that their is either an issue with the operating system or it may not be installed. Also most macs have a built in recovery feature, just hold command R before you turn it on and continue to hold it until you see a loading bar. This will get you into the recovery area. From here you can connect to the internet and then click install operating system, it will then download and install the necessary Mac-Os for your Mac.

    If you get an error, you can go back to the recovery area and click on disk utility to make sure your drive is present and properly formatted.

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    • Tamara6 months agoReport

      What is the command key for windows? Is it the windows logo or alt logo? and when I try to go into recovery mode it it keeps going to the folder with question mark icon. Am I suppose to hold it after I here the mac turn on because it does take a second to boot up.

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