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Why have people become absolutely ridiculous?

Back in November, I was called to quote a strip and wax in an old, worn out store that sat abandoned about 10 years. Most tiles were cracked, crushed or missing. They hhad about 200 to replace about 1/4 of the missing, trip hazards. They glued them down themselves, incorrectly. I couldn't strip the floor for a month, it would loosen the tiles. They said do it next week or doln’t do it. I did it. I didn't care. Stripped it once, but it would have been better to strip twice. I quote 5 coats of wax. They said 3 was plenty.

It was over 10,000 sf. It was done early December 2018. They immediately drove loaded forklifts on the freshly waxed floor, typically 6-8 tons loaded. Never even swept the floor. I had recommended a good electric sweeper, 38” wide. All they had was a 24” push broom, so you know they never swept. It would be pointless to even try.


7 months go by. You'd never know my company touched the floor. The called and had the nerve to ask us to sweep the floors for free, because they are unhappy with the work we did! That has to be the most outrageous request my 11 years in business. I’ve had nuts before, but wow...

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    Look in the mirror..... of course, you saw this coming the entire time.

    You decided you would rather have the income, cheapo the job, and deal with the consequences, instead of walking away.

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  • Jay
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    6 months ago

    I feel your pain. WOW.

    Maybe out a clause in your contract that will help prevent 'rear ends' from spewing their 'rear ended-ness'

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    "They said do it next week or doln’t do it. I did it. I didn't care. "

    Next walk away or risk jeopardizing future business. I work with a lot of contractors...the good ones walk away from a decent chunk of the projects they are offered...with good reason.

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  • 6 months ago

    By your own admission you performed substandard work. The fact they asked for it doesn't make it OK. You hold yourself out as a professional. If someone wants you to do substandard work, it's your professional responsibility to refuse.

    I don't know how this will play out when it gets to court. If you don't have written records to document what you're saying you won't stand a chance and will probably have to refund their money.

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