Why didn’t he just tell me to leave him alone instead of cowardly blocking my number?

Me and ex bf broke up last year due to his choice. I found out he cheated on me after we broke up. I was devastated and I went thru depression. He ask me if I wanted to start over but I couldn’t. Our break up was very toxic and we stop talking in November. He came over my house unannounced in April soon after we started talking. his cheating and lying has affected me. I can admit at times im like a mad woman when I vent i send him long text messages becuz I’m hurt. I texted him today to ask him the usual questions why he cheated on me, why did u come back in my life etc. also I said let me go u got them u don’t need me and i hope their worth losing me. Mind you I’m upset I been crying and I kno my approach was wrong I just wanted those difficult questions answer for closure and to help my broken heart. Childishly he acted like another girl saying his name was Angel and she had phone and to quit textin him n she will tell him once he comes over. My ex would never leave his ph over someones house his phone is life. I tried calling him but he blocked my number. I know he is mad I keep asking him about the cheating. But why not just tell me to leave u alone instead of acting like another girl to hurt me more. I appreciate any advice I could get. Why would he do this is it because he feels guilt and wants to run away from answering the questions

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    6 months ago
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    There's this book called Living and Loving After Betrayal by Steven Stosny. People cheat because they are selfish and their needs are more important to them than the needs of their partner's. Their answers will never satisfy. I was married to a man who cheated on me our entire marriage and was so good at sneaking around and lying that I really didn't know! I know what you are going through. It's so maddening. Incredibly frustrating. How can people be so careless, hurtful, selfish, right?? I learned to forgive my ex after working on my hurts and I have moved on. I don't have all the answers but I have enough to know that I could never trust him again and I will have better chances at a brighter future with someone else. It took 6 months to accept the fact he cheated. It probably took two years for me to begin to forgive him.

    This guy blocking your number hurts, but you are so lucky you don't have kids with him and can actually have a clean break! Hallelujah! He is not who you need him to be. Cowards cheat instead of telling their gf's what they need in their relationship or breaking up before moving on. Cowards don't disclose their feelings. Cowards block numbers and pretend to be other people in text messages. Cowards cheat. Cowards will never give you the answers you want to hear.

    I'm so sorry for your broken heart. It's horrible. It gets better. Work on your healing, it's super important and thankfully that coward of an ex you have isn't required for your healing steps.

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