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Why do some Latina women and white women treat Latino and white men like crap, once they start dating black men?

I'm not saying that all of them are are like and they shouldn't date black men, it's just that many of them are doing it so much, their choosing a black man over their own men.

What makes a black man better and different? White men, Latino men, and other ethnicities?

At times other non black men can't even approach or even want to date a black woman at times, without being intimidated, stared down, color struck or given flack for dating their women, even when they don't want their women.

To a black man dating another woman who isn't black is like a πŸ† collection, and the black woman is that stepping stone to that πŸ†.

Once he's got that Latina woman or white woman, it's πŸ–•πŸ–• to the black woman then they leave them, which is what some white and Latina women are doing now.

He can't deal with the black woman, so he dates other non black women.

White and Latina women can date a black man with no problem, and treat their own men like crap, and won't give them the time of day, unless he's black.

I guess dark skin men is the ideal color of all men, right? Maybe all white men and colored light skin men should just die out, right?πŸ€”πŸ€”

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    I have only heard of a white female actually dating outside of her race only three times(if even that).. most White females won't have anything to do with anybody outside of their race

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