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How long should it take for me to feel comfortable working in a MORNING Job (8am to 4pm). I was working a NIGHT job (5pm till 1am) for the?

past 2 years. (I started my day job on Tuesday 7/16 and I feel a lot more nervous than usual since Tuesday)

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    A week or so. [Experience]


    Evening 4 to 8 (Second Shift)

    Morning Midnight to 8 (Third Shift)

    Day: 8 to 4. (First Shift)

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  • 7 months ago

    You could always stop by your supervisor's office and discuss what is making you so nervous. I know someone that did that after they could not get over their nerves and their supervisor assured them they were performing as expected and to give themselves another two weeks before coming back to see them. That worked like a charm and they wound up staying at the job for eight years.

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