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What causes pressure in the head and lightheadedness?

Symptoms like: Occasional brain fog, a little lightheaded, vision is good but not clear and focused as it used to, difficulty concentrating, constant fatigue, constant headaches. And eating and drinking do not help these symptoms, what could be the problem? And is it best to see a neurologist or a hematologist?

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    Chronic dehydration.

    What you're drinking is not water - or else it isn't enough water. "Fluids" as recommended by the medical profession are not water nor do they function like water in the body - there is no substitute for water.

    Blood is 94% water, and oxygen is carried in the blood. When you become dehydrated the blood loses 8% of its water volume causing it to thicken. This thicker blood reduces the oxygen content, resulting in less oxygen going to the brain.

    The symptoms you mention are the result of inadequate oxygen to the brain. This can be overcome simply by drinking more water and cutting back on the other fluids - which have a diuretic effect.

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