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Struggling to run the orchestra and get nowhere when asking for advice. Help!!?

I run a community based volunteer orchestra which has been together now for close to a year and a half.

We are struggling for members in a town full of both student and adult musicians who play for fun. However, getting them to come to a rehearsal (for free, mind you) seems impossible.

When I speak to one of our officers in the band, he just says, "I know you want pie in the sky with a large group. But, you have to understand it's going to take time."

No response from him to suggestions of how to actually be proactive in recruiting musicians, except for what I mentioned above.

It is very frustrating and I don't receive any help. I'm the Conductor, which I love. But I'm not a recruiter, marketing director for concerts, salesperson and copy machine of music all rolled into one. How can I seek real help and advice on this? (Other than just "pie in the sky, fella...")

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  • 6 months ago

    Hmm that takes a good deal or skills!

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  • Mike
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    6 months ago

    Start performing with what you have. Senior centers are happy to have entertainment for the residents. Some towns have a schedule of concerts. The more exposure you have, the more interest you generate.

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    • Mamianka
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      6 months agoReport

      Read this guy's other Q/A. He commented, so follow that make link. He is a disaster, not a leader.

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  • 6 months ago

    Tell us more about yourself. Are you an adult with at least one degree in music if not more (since conducting degrees are usually only granted at the Masters level or higher.) Are you a known person in the community - fine teacher, etc.? You need to atract people personally - advertising for "four horn players" dies not work as well as you calling ONE good one, asking them to play - and whether or not they say yes, getting NAMES from them of other to call. Not just horns - OTHER brass players. Work your woodwinds the same way. Ask everyone about other good players who might be interested. Find retired school music teachers- some never kept up their playing, but many did and DO. I left teaching for 12 years, and after going back ($$ and benefits) retired in my fifties - but always kept my networks. Had a chamber music business - would book some players I wanted to check out and include, and since I paid well for gigs, they were happy to hear from me for other things.

    Added - you DO know that even if you go BlueHead anonymous, as soon as you leave a COMMENT - you are identified - and we can then read all your other posts. So - you are 30, chronically unemployed, afraid of MEAT contamination - and your big concern is trying to run a non-501C3 volunteer orchestra with a trumpet player with a big ego???? First things first, fella.

  • Mark
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    6 months ago

    The next time you're all together, find out what THEY want. Stay quiet; don't defend yourself, and listen to the message behind the message. There could be any number of reasons for being non-commital. Not least of which, is actually being sure you ALL want the same thing.

    I'd be very cautious of a large group trying to make it without some sort of financial backing. Is it hired out? do you have live events, theme nights, smaller groups for weddings and such? Recitals, combining with choir, etc.

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  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    You can try putting up flyers around the community, or posting online about it. Good luck!

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