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How do you repair a steel supporting beam in a block of flats that has substantial rust?

Rusted part was in a planter box that has had dirt against it for years. Can the steel be cleaned and if it needs replacing can a section be cut out and a new section welded in ?


The beam is a vertical beam , three storeys long.

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    im a builder uk .50 years experience ..after reading your update you dont need me need a structural engineer ...sooner than later

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  • Joe
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    6 months ago

    If it is truly so corroded that it is no longer structurally sound, an engineer would probably recommend "sistering" a second beam alongside it. Chances are that the sister beam won't have to run the full length. You won't have to cut out the corroded section of the old beam.

    But I'm not looking at your beam. You need an engineer to put eyes on it.

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