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Idk. I’m 17 and stressing lol. I'm having bathroom and sex issues and talking to my mom about them.?

Idk. I’m 17 and stressing lol. So, I’m having trouble using the bathroom. I feel like I need to poop every time I use the toilet and that’s the only time I’m uncomfortable, I can go sit down after a little while and feel fine. That’s all my mom knows. For the past year I’ve been masturbating analy... idk how to word this stuff... Anyways, it mostly started because I trouble having an orgasms... That’s an entirely different problem. I feel like I should tell my mom about this because it probably has a lot to do with why I’m having rectal issues, but I’m embarrassed and don’t know how to tell her. She said she’d take me to the doctor (I have anxiety so she almost always goes back with me. I’ve only went once by myself and they had to check my blood pressure twice.) I feel like she’d know somethings up if I went back by myself and then there’s the fact that I’m embarrassed about telling the doctor. And then what am I supposed to tell my mom if there’s something wrong and we have to go somewhere else to talk to another doctor? I know I’m working myself up. Should I tell her? She's very open about sex and always tells me to come to her if I have questions, but for some reason I feel like she's going to be disappointed.

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  • 7 months ago

    I'm having trouble following what your symptoms are. The whole butt-play thing, I understand...

    Are you unable to poop? Have to poop too often? Having abdominal pain? Anal/rectal pain? Hard stools? Diarrhea? Feel like you have to poop when there's nothing there? Having incontinence of bowel?

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      I'm still able to poop it's just harder to pass. It feels like I have to when there's nothing there too. I've always had stomach problems, anything I eat almost always sends me to the bathroom. I stress a lot which isn't helping anything and googling my symptoms hasn't helped that lol.

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