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Why do outer space aliens hide their face from us?

People has spotted their spaceships in the past. They are real and probably interacting with our USA government.

Why do they want to hide their face from us?

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    There is no evidence anywhere that this planet has ever been visited by extraterrestrial sentient organisms. The probability of it happening is so small as to be negligible.

    It is very likely that there are sentient beings on other planets but the distances involved are so great there is no reason they would come here. Our galaxy is 107,500 light years across. We have been transmitting radio waves since 1888, 131 years ago. That means that anyone in the galaxy further than 131 light years away has no idea there is sentient life on this planet so why would they attempt to come here? If they are just exploring, they would not head for a remote spot on an outer spiral arm.

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    Peter Gore Seer,

    Ho Dear ALIENs Dont Hide There Face, The Jews Have Shown Me A ALIEN Face, You Need To Do More Exploring The Web Goodle You Tube Video's, Have Some Aliens,

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    You mean spaceships as in UFO's? Yeah, a long years ago my brother said that he spotted one of those in the sky and then really just left so fast he thought it was a dream but I kne w it wasn't because we ere walking with him around the block at like 7 or 10 kilometres so I know this to be true but if they are the Annunaki that we know in Mythology, then who knows?? as to the reason why they might NOT want to show their face to you is probably you're NOT spiritually ready or just a plain, get your grimoires ready man, then you could ...uh I don't know.. practice hard enough then you might become a sorcerer to summon some outer space aliens to your side!

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    Do not be such a fool. They do not exist. There are no Aliens in our universe and you should know this because you are a scientist like me. In science, if you do not know how to prove that something exists, then you can not claim to exist.

    What you are doing isn't science!

    You should get life in prison for that!

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  • Pearl
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    rnaybe theyre afraid of us

  • Jim
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    1 year ago

    They told me that you are too ugly to look at.

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