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Can hardly eat or drink, what is wrong with me?

I am having trouble eating and drinking things because every time that I swallow it feels like theres mucus in my throat that catches it or it just gets stuck. Also, when I eat it feels like I'm going to throw up sometimes with that bubbling up in my throat feeling as if I needed to burp, but I can't. Sometimes throughout the day my throat feels tight and it seems like there is a little ball in it. However, this seems to subside when I relax. I haven't ate or drank much in the past week because of this. I also suffer from anxiety. I went to the ER about this and they suggested GERD, however I do not have heartburn. I looked up the symptoms for silent reflux and it seems to match except I don't have a persistent cough or breathing problems. After the ER diagnosed me with GERD I did start to have heartburn sort of but that could have been my mind playing tricks on me. I should mention that I have an intense fear of throwing up and choking which doesn't help the eating/drinking issue. Because of this I do not like taking medication. I am at a loss for what is wrong with me. Can someone help? I am a 20 year old female with no medical conditions that I am aware of.

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    Is there anything that you CAN drink comfortably? Water, tea, miso soup? This is probably psychosomatic which is not to say you're just making it up or it's just in your mind. Our bodies react to what is going on in our mind. You might try a behavioral therapist. Try to think about what was going on in your life when this first started and try to force yourself to think about that. Next I would try a gastroenterologist to actually rule out upper GI issues. My guess is that they will find nothing. This is emotion-based. It's like when someone blushes, they are embarrassed. They aren't doing it on purpose but a physical reaction occurs to an emotional experience. Try also to think what you're literally having trouble swallowing in life. It might be just your ability to get out your words/thoughts. It might be family difficulty or a difficult boss that is truly a "tough pill to swallow." In the meantime try drinking thicker things. Milkshakes, maybe Boost to get some vitamins/protein, apple sauce, yogurt, scrambled eggs. Soft food that won't get stuck. Soups are good too. Elderly people get dysphagia but my bet is that is not what you really have. So try to think of the symbolic meaning to you of what you can't or don't want to swallow emotionally. Have you choked on anything recently and your anxiety maybe just making you afraid to swallow for fear of choking? I honestly think your answer is going to be emotional. Just eat what you can eat for now. If you can eat some of those things you won't starve. Then make an appointment for the gastro and if that shows all is well then you need a therapist that specializes in mind/body medicine. You (and we are all) are your thoughts. Your body is the symbol of those thoughts. Treat the anxiety and you will treat this fear of swallowing. Culprits tend to be things like shame, anger, guilt, bitterness and resentment so think on those feelings next time you try to eat or drink and see if one triggers you because that will be it. That will be the one that you have to focus on. I just have to add that I am not a medical doctor so please consult medical professionals but if they find nothing and they likely will not - then you have to investigate the mind/body connection to get through this. Or hopefully whatever is bothering you dissipates and this resolves on its own without the mind work.

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      I fear it is something to do with acid reflux and that's scary because I cannot take the medicine for it. I am seeing a therapist for it and have only gone once so not much change yet.

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    A mild antidepressant might be helpful. Talk to your Doctor about the symptoms you have been experiencing. For what it is worth, my wife has been on Paxil (Paroxetine) for about 12 years and all of her anxiety issues have gone away.

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