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Alternator question?

Let's say it's windings are wound in parallel with overall resistance of 0.1Ohm.

Assuming prime mover is strong enough, what limits the max current we can draw from the alt?

For example connecting a 1Ohm load will draw 50V/1Ohm=50A.

But what if we for example connected a 0.1Ohm load? Or even 0.01Ohm?

You get what i'm asking? What limits the max current assuming prime mover is strong enough to overcome the increasing drag?


First part did not get through where i defined alternator output voltage at 50V at top speed.

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    With 0.1 ohm load, current is 250A at the very beginning. Since copper loss from coil 0.1 ohm is 6250 watts, coils heat up quickly and burning down in less than a minute.

    With 0.01 ohm load, coils burn in second.

    From your example, 50A is its maximum current or even less. Current output depends on its iron core size and copper wire size to make coil .

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      Good answer.

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