Stuck between a rock and hard place job wise?

I just graduated college and I work for a summer camp. My boss seems to like me and has offered to keep me on for the after school care 20 hours per week after the summer is over. She is aware that I am looking for full time employment.

Luck hasn’t exactly been on my side since starting this job though.

During the first week of my job my grandmother passed away and I had to take a day off for the funeral, The 2nd week I ended up with a nasty stomach bug and called out. The 3rd week of work I ended up with strep throat and a bad upper respiratory infection. I went to work my boss saw how sick I was and actually was the one to insist I go home. I was out 3 days. The 4th week i had to take 2 days off to go to an interview 6 hours away for a full time job.

NOW I’ve been offered a full time position across the country. I’ve interviewed via Skype twice and got an offer. They’ve offered to fly me out there to meet with everyone. They are paying my expenses to fly out there and everything. I have to arrange the visit with HR on Monday. The problem is I cannot afford to call out of my part time job again!! If for some reason I didn’t like the area or chose not to accept the job, I need to have some form of income if I decide to stay here.

I don’t know what to do

I’m not looking to burn bridges

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    6 months ago
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    Be honest with your boss. That's your only option other than to blow off the visit.

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