Psyn asked in PetsFish · 6 months ago

I have a 4 gallon freshwater aquarium. Are there any good fish to put in this aquarium that arent bettas?

I love betta fish, don t get me wrong, but I m looking for other types of fish to house in a 4 gallon aquarium. I saw neon green tetras, but the minimum tank size for them is 10 gallons. I really want some cool fish, maybe one nice fish or more than one if they re small enough! I really don t want to overcrowd my tank or cause any dangerous ammonia spikes due to overpopulation. Any suggestions would be great!

1 Answer

  • 6 months ago

    Tis' the drawback to having such a small tank.

    Clown killifish and ornamental freshwater shrimp would be potential choices.

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