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Why was Christianity made so popular by the Romans when they were the ones who were persecuting them?


"For almost the first 400 years, Christianity was anything BUT "popular"; Christians were being persecuted."

Are you mentally disabled?

Nowhere did I say Romans made Christianity popular from the very beginning... and I literally acknowledged in my question that they were persecuting them

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    True Christianity was not made popular by Rome. What God had actually established was substituted for paganism (to the Roman government) adding a veneer of Christianity onto a pagan culture. God does not allow statues and images, the veneration of saints.. praying to angels, Mary...etc... God's name alone should be magnified and exalted. Real Christianity (scriptural adherent Christianity) was becoming popular, and Rome desiring to put all things under its feet, came after Scriptural adherent Christians and Jews - making them either convert or die. Many Jews died, and plenty also become converts as Anusim.

    The way to get away from Rome's grasp was to move as far away as you could hope to get. Though Rome kept slaughtering people who wouldn't bow to it, wherever it gained power... the spirit of it, is much like the spirit of Islam. Even Roman Catholic "holy" days like Easter (Ishtar) and Christmas (Saturnalia) are pagan. The Christmas tree is prohibited by the Bible (see Jeremiah 10:1-4), as a practice of the pagans, something which God's people should not learn nor do.

    God also says not to go back to Egypt. The use of obelisks (steeples) on church buildings are symbols of the power and authority of Egypt, even a phallic symbol of Baal worship, spiritual adultery (idolatry). Jesus explained that people were throwing out the truth of God, in order to embrace the vain doctrines, cultures, and traditions of man - that rendered God's truth null and void to the people. God did not establish the nicolaitan heirarchical structure, the structure of lording themselves over the flock, or conquering the laity. The purpose of true shepherds is to lower themselves as servants and build up the rest of the congregation, so that we may all be on the same page... not perpetual milk drinkers and pew warmers -- but able to be strong Christians, knowing how to apply God's words and His Truth to our lives and walk in His ways, sharing His Truth with others, being doctrinally sound in His statutes and precepts.

    The way of Baalam is domination through infiltration. God does not accept the admixture of secularism and paganism with His Truth, and sinful living with righteous living. Truth with error and unrighteousness with righteousness. There is no middle ground or fence sitting with God. He spews the lukewarm out of His mouth. The fence sitters and those who worship Him in vain by doing pagan religious customs are put in the same category as the idolaters. Jesus said to come out of her, My people, lest ye partake of her sins and receive of her plagues.

    This He was speaking of the whore of Babylon, the mother of harlots. The only entity which fully matches the Bible's description given in the book of Revelation concerning the identity of the whore of Babylon, is Vatican City. The Vatican rules behind the powers of the nations, even through its orders: the Jesuits, the Knights of Malta, the Freemasons... Unfortunately, in the USA we are not one nation under the true God.

    God does not accept idolatry, and people aren't free to live however they want, but only according to His righteousness. Our political buildings are erected to false gods and goddesses - and are their temples. Even the national monument is another Baal's phallic symbol. Jesus said His kingdom is not of this world, and explained that the whole world system is currently under the influence of the fallen angels.

    The devil doesn't mind, copying and counterfeiting the things of God, and redirecting worship from God onto himself, as the Bible says that he wants to be like the Most High. One of satan's goals is to enthrone himself in the 3rd temple which will be built in Israel. Many will worship the antichrist as he receives a deadly head wound, right eye utterly darkened and is resurrected. The false prophet will even cause fire to come down from the sky. These workings are not by God by of fallen angels, and the Bible pre-warns of these things in the book of Revelation, Matthew chapter 24, 2 Thessalonians ch. 2, Deuteronomy chapter 13...etc...

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      I do research. If this all sounds new to you. I suggest you do the same.

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    This is a long story, but briefly, Christians infiltrated the upper classes and swayed public opinion. This took 300 years.

    The ancient world was tending towards monotheism, and Christianity was at the forefront of this. There was charity in the pagan world, but the Christians were better at it and also took better care of orphans. Pagan Romans had no hope of a blissful afterlife, which Christianity promised them.

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    The Emperor Constantine accepted Christianity at some point later in his life, possibly on his death bed. Before this, Christianity had been pretty much persecuted, although by the end of the 3rd century, there was somewhat more tolerance. Apparently, Constantine's mother was Christian for example.

    Well, if the Emperor does something, soon others will follow. Firstly, Christianity became legal, then popular, and eventually it became THE religion of the Empire. Of course, much of this was for the "look" of things; i.e., if your boss was something (e.g. Christian), it looked good if you were as well. Over time, perhaps 100 years or so, this concept spread until most people were Christian in the Empire.

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      Yes, but I suppose if your boss was a pagan ...

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    Go to Google and learn history.


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    It was "the common (and probably: oppressed) man" in the Roman Empire that was eagerly adopting Christianity

    while the Roman officials were persecuting Christians.

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    Mithraism wasn't going to win over the jews, so they had to try christianity using a fake messiah.

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      Mithraism was never going to be a popular relfigion - it excluded women and slaves.

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    No wonder you asked that question anonymously.

    For almost the first 400 years, Christianity was anything BUT "popular"; Christians were being persecuted.

    The Emperor Constantine stopped the persecution when he legalized the practice of Christianity.

    Source(s): Greek Orthodox Christian
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    Correct. They must have really believed in it if they were willing to give up world domination in exchange for salvation. Clearly, Christianity was very real to the people who lived during those early years shortly after Jesus' Resurrection.

  • Because God wanted it so, dear, so that's what happened.

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    Most Romans lived in Rome and other parts of the Empire, not Palestine. Many finally woke up.

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    Constantine realized he couldn't beat them so he decided to join them and declared Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire.

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