How do you feel about these kind of managers?

How do you feel about managers who won't explain what you did wrong, instead they would subtly punish you until you have figured it out yourself what you did wrong, this manager also expects you to figure it out yourself what you have done wrong rather than tell you, this manager will also fire you if you're not able to figure out what you're doing is wrong because they hate the fact that you're not figuring it out yourself.

I read somewhere that a manager at a grocery store in town is a lot like that.

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  • 6 months ago
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    As a former manager, I would confront them about it, I don't mean like confrontation. I mean in a setting where you ask for a meeting so they are prepared. Don't pop it up on them. But say they are in their office and you say "can I talk to you for a second and is this a good time" If it is I would start off by listing incidents that i written down and be clear in detail and pretty much say "i would like some help with this so I can further develop (whatever it is they aren't teaching you). Then stop and see their response. Any fight about it or dispute or they turn it on you. Then you have your problem they don't respect you. I would just say "thank you for seeing me" and taking to a higher command where we can all sit down and talk.

    IF that doesn't solve it, then put my two weeks in. I wouldn't want to work for a place that didn't respect me. Life is short so is money, I don't like what im doing so much to I'm unhappy everyday then I will just leave. Otherwise the alternative is they get mad at you and fire you. Might as well do it on your terms.

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  • 6 months ago

    that's really messed up, its part of a managers job to train employees on how to do the job correctly. A manager should tell you what you did wrong and how to fix it and should only fire someone if they continue to make that mistake despite having the correct way shown.

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