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What does Lame Deer mean when he says that we have committed “spiritual suicide?”?

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  • Anonymous
    7 months ago

    He once waz Running Deer then `civilization` tried to `upgrade` him to itz way . duh.

    dizmizzing hiz zpirited normz. mean mtfkrz

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  • j153e
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    7 months ago

    Perhaps in part reduxing his own rebellious and prideful situation, encountering the civilization and nation of the United States, committing criminal acts, etc.

    The theme of self-murder, especially in the realm of the spiritual and soul, is basically that of alienation, frustration, thence aggression turned against self and soul.

    The "we" Lame Deer was "speaking for" is a kind of assumptive analysis by observation of self and resonant others. On many a Rez, there is a more-than-average expression of social pathologies such as abuse of women, drinking, a sense of hopelessness, etc.

    With regard to Lame Deer, who was born in the Rosebud Reservation of the Lakota Sioux nation , he may be speaking first of himself, secondly of other Lakota, and thirdly even of others, including Americans, etc.

    An interesting sidebar showing some ways forward: , the "Moses on the mesa."

    Also mostly unrelated:

    The Path of the Higher Self.

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