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Is my Dad showing signs of Alzheimer’s or could it be just old age?

My Dad is in his mid sixties. He’s always been quite switched on, especially about things to do with security and money etc. After a mini stroke he retired and he’s been more and more forgetful. Nothing major at this stage, just things like forgetting to bring some of his tools if he comes over to do a job, forgetting to put yoghurts etc he’s bought in the fridge (he was always very worried about dairy stuff being left out) and recently he took some food out of the freezer and placed it on top and forgot it was there. The room stank and it attracted maggots. Again this was never like him. Anyone any ideas what this could be? His mother (my gran) developed Alzheimer’s in older age but she was in her 80s when it started.

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    His memory loss could be attributed to Alzheimer's, but I think the stroke may have been the more likely factor. I suggest you take him to see a neurologist.

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    It's hard to tell sometimes a Dr. can't be sure. A lot of times a change in diet can help.

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